A Diver’s Paradise for Macro Photography

Lembeh Strait is a unique and fascinating destination for people looking to explore the world’s most incredible macro marine life.

Telusuri Kehidupan Laut yang Tersembunyi: Tips Fotografi Makro Bawah Air

Fotografi makro bawah laut memberikan kesempatan untuk mengungkapkan keindahan kehidupan kurang dikenal. Klik disini untuk tips-tipsnya!

The Diving Resort: Yos Dive Lembeh

Yos Dive Lembeh is an eco beach resort that is located on North Sulawesi. They provide diving tourism as well as other resort services.

5 Jenis Ikan Yang Dapat Ditemukan Saat Diving - YOSDiveLembeh

Berikut adalah 5 Jenis Ikan yang dapat anda temukan saat berada di Selat Lembeh. 1. Nudibranch 2. Hairy Frogfish 3. Lion Fish

Muck Diving VS Reef Diving: Who Wins?

Which one is the ultimate winner? Muck diving or reef diving? Let’s settle this once and for all! For all of you, scuba divers’ sake.

What is Muck Diving? A Description

With muck diving, what we usually imagine of “scuba diving” is being redefined. Humble mud and silt replaces majestic coral reefs.

Introduction to Diving and Underwater Photography

Learn the basics of diving and how to capture stunning macro photos underwater. Discover the beauty of the underwater world in Lembeh.

Mandarin Fish: Critter of the Vibrant Lembeh

Lembeh Strait is a diver’s paradise with an array of unique marine life. Among the many underwater creatures that can be found here, Mandarin fish are some of the most striking and fascinating. 

Kesempatan Menakjubkan untuk Macro Photography di YOS Dive Lembeh

Macro photography adalah teknik fotografi yang memungkinkan fotografer untuk mengambil gambar objek kecil dalam skala yang lebih besar, sehingga dapat menampilkan detail yang sulit dilihat dengan mata telanjang.

Mengungkap Keindahan Keanekaragaman Hayati Di Sulawesi Utara

Lembeh Strait dikenal juga sebagai salah satu tempat menyelam terbaik di dunia. Keindahan keanekaragaman hayati bawah laut yang luar biasa di perairan ini membuatnya menjadi tempat yang ideal bagi para penyelam untuk menjelajahi kehidupan laut yang luar biasa. 

Lembeh Sea Dragon: A Fascinating Critter

The Lembeh sea dragon is a small species of seadragon that measures around 10 centimeters in length. It boasts a unique appearance with its elongated body, intricate patterns, and flamboyant colors. Unlike other sea dragons, it lacks the leaf-like appendages but compensates with its vibrant coloration, making it a captivating subject for macrophotography enthusiasts.

Clownfish: One of the Beauties of Lembeh

Clownfish are small fish known for their bright colors and unique patterns on their bodies. They have a flat body and are small, usually around 7 to 12 centimeters. Their bodies are covered with a slimy layer that helps protect them from the stings of the sea anemones that they call home. The vibrant colors on their bodies provide protection from predators by giving the the impression that they are poisonous.