Clownfish: One of the Beauties of Lembeh

Selat Lembeh is one of the famous places known for its underwater biodiversity. One of the main attractions of Selat Lembeh is the presence of clownfish that live in symbiosis with sea anemones. In this article, we will explore their fascinating world in Selat Lembeh.

Getting to Know Clownfish

Clownfish are small fish known for their bright colors and unique patterns on their bodies. They have a flat body and are small, usually around 7 to 12 centimeters. Their bodies are covered with a slimy layer that helps protect them from the stings of the sea anemones that they call home. The vibrant colors on their bodies provide protection from predators by giving the the impression that they are poisonous.

Habitat and Distribution in Selat Lembeh

Selat Lembeh is a paradise for clownfish. The natural habitat found in Selat Lembeh is ideal for them to live and breed. The coral reefs rich with sea anemones serve as their homes. Selat Lembeh is located between North Sulawesi Island and Lembeh Island, which are part of Indonesia. The breathtaking underwater beauty in Selat Lembeh attracts divers from around the world to witness the enchanting life of clownfish.

Sea anemones are an essential part of the clownfish habitat in Selat Lembeh. Sea anemones provide a home for them and offer protection. The abundance of sea anemones with various species, such as the magnificent sea anemone (Heteractis magnifica) and the quadricolor sea anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor), creates a rich and diverse environment for them.

Food and Feeding Patterns

Clownfish are omnivorous eaters, which means they consume various types of food. They typically feed on plankton, algae, small crustaceans, and leftover food provided by the sea anemones they inhabit. They are also known to feed on the leftover food within the sea anemones, helping maintain their living environment’s cleanliness.

Their feeding patterns are pretty unique. They have a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones, where they offer protection to the sea anemones from anemone-eating predators, while the sea anemones provide a sheltered space for the clownfish. Additionally, they also obtain food from the leftover food within the sea anemones and the plankton living around them.

Social Life of Clownfish

They live in groups called “families.” Each family consists of a dominant female clownfish and several smaller male clownfish. When the dominant female dies, the largest male clownfish will change its gender to female and take on the role of the family leader.

Communication within clownfish families occurs through body movements and color changes. They use fin and tail movements to interact with each other. For example, when they feel threatened, they can display aggressive behavior by opening their fins. They also use color changes on their bodies to communicate their emotions and conditions.

In conclusion, clownfish are fascinating and unique creatures. With their vibrant colors and complex social lives, they add to the allure of Selat Lembeh as a tourist destination and play a vital role in the aquatic ecosystem.

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