The Diving Resort: Yos Dive Lembeh

Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Enterprises’ research in 2019, the tourism sector in Indonesia produced a vast amount of foreign exchanges, local incomes, developments, investments, employment, and profits for local businesses. Tourism is also one of the main economic pillars of Indonesia. (https://kemenparekraf.go.id/penelitian/kajian-dampak-sektor-pariwisata-terhadap-perekonomian-indonesia). Tourism in Indonesia includes diving, beach, waterfalls, islets, and many more.

One of the recommended tourist destinations in Indonesia is Lembeh Island in North Sulawesi. It is famous as one of the best diving sites in Indonesia. Lembeh Island is habituated by vast amounts of exotic organisms. These are coral skeletons, colorful nudibranchs, mandarin fish, gosh pipefish, frogfish, rhinophids, shrimps, blue-ringed, mimic octopus, and rare pygmy seahorses. Therefore, Lembeh Island is a perfect site for diving photography as there are so many memorable photographic sites and opportunities. 

Yos Dive Lembeh is an eco beach resort that provides diving tourism. As well as several other services on Lembeh Island. Their diving tourism services include diving and underwater photography on Lembeh Island, with four boats ready to take you straight to the diving site. Their resort presents the Lembeh Strait environment: light, airy, green plants and flowers all around. 

The eco beach resort rooms are very modern and specially designed with photographers in mind. There are large tables for taking care of your camera equipment. You will find lots of power points for charging flashes and cameras in between dives. The decor is white and sparkling clean with comfy beds and a sea or garden view from the balcony. There is a fresh, green, and outdoorsy feel to the rooms, especially the open-air bathrooms where you can shower in the sun.

The restaurant has a view to taking your camera for too, high on the slope it looks over the sea and the two nearby islets. These islets just happen to be excellent diving sites, although maybe a little too far to swim! Expect a lot of seafood in Yos Dive Lembeh it is the chef’s specialty. Lobster, shrimp, and fresh fish with spicy sauces are served differently every day. Your breakfast will be ordered the previous day and served to the table, this makes it easier to get in the water for early dives.

There are also plenty of meat and vegetable curries and European options too. The chef is always happy to cook special meals for those with dietary requirements, be sure to warn them to get the most out of these special meals. The restaurant is host to some spectacular ocean sunsets and is often the social hub of the resort. This is where everyone gathers to have a cool drink and swap stories and photos from their dives.

Overall, Yos Dive Lembeh provides you with an unforgettable experience for your adventure in the Lembeh Strait. A diving vacation that is worth bringing your friends and family to spend your vacation month, or year. If you do consider wanting a diving experience, or even just wanting a relaxed vacation, consider having Yos Dive Lembeh to serve you.

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